Former volunteers from around the world share ideas and knowledge for effective campaigns

2nd February 2019

Former volunteers from the Raleigh National Societies of Nepal, Nicaragua, and Tanzania have been working together as part of the Exchange for Campaigns, Empowerment and Leadership (ExCEL) project to design and develop youth-led environmental campaigns. The aim of these campaigns is to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, set out by the United Nations, and to help marginalised communities adapt to the threats posed by a changing climate. The ExCEL programme is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Corporation (NOREC). NOREC funds exchange projects involving their members in Norway and countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The ExCel participants have so far successfully completed projects in Norway, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Nepal, where they worked to identify the behaviours marginalised communities will need to change in order to adapt to climate change; specifically focusing on agriculture, forestation, and energy issues.

Nicaraguan ExCel participant delivers session to Nepal Society members.

After three months of living, working and researching together in Nepal, the participants organised a two-day event to share their learnings and findings with members of National Raleigh Society Nepal on 26-27 January 2019.

During the event, each National society (Tanzania, Nicaragua and Nepal) gave presentations about their home countries and the sustainable development projects they have been working on. This was followed by an exciting and engaging cultural exchange session.

An ExCel participant from Tanzania giving presentation

Attendees were shown how different types of research were carried out depending on the particular issue being addressed by the ExCEL team. Around the room, attendees had the opportunity to debate in groups important subjects related to the issues the ExCEL team were trying to address. This included subjects such as the importance of gender equality and the responsibilities of businesses and individuals to development needs.

Our Goals are SUSTAINABLE! Participants in a group activity

Following this knowledge sharing session in Nepal, the core team will discuss and incorporate ideas and start making plans for the return to their own countries. The ExCEL Participants in each country will organise at least three workshops with their own wider National Society memberships. The workshops will focus on designing an effective environmental campaign and programme, which will be based on findings from research which will be undertaken in their local communities in March 2019.

Participants involved in a Role-Play Stakeholder meeting

The Raleigh National Societies are formed by Raleigh alumni, who have volunteered their time to form Societies in their home countries. There are active and independent alumni societies in Bermuda, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Jersey, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Singapore, Tanzania and Uganda.  If you would like to know more follow this link

If you would like to know more about the work of NOREC please follow this link

Post by Claire Harrison and SumanFor more information and the latest updates, follow the progress of our programmes in Nepal on Facebook and Instagram.


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