English, Easter and Eggcitement in Kiteni

3rd April 2016

The last few weeks have seen November Charlie 4 in Kiteni utilise the empty classrooms at the local school for daily English lessons. 30 local children signed up to spend 6 mornings a week of their school holidays learning English with us. Some children even raveled from a nearby settlement Yangrang to study with us, a 2 hour walk!

The students are split into two classes, one for beginners which is currently focusing on the alphabet and numbers. The second class is for the children with more experience of English. So far their lessons have covered the alphabet, greetings, clothing animals and colours. Both classses are hugely popular and we have expanded to reach over 50 children. It’s really helping our community integration, we can’t go anywhere in the village without a chorus of children shouting our names and the greetings we have taught them! Though we so often get ‘Good Morning’ shouted at us in the evening, something to work on! We hope this will help to build our community relations even more than we already have which will make our impact more sustainable.


As the students develop their English ability we are finding ways to reward their hard work. To fit in with our WASH project, the action research committee organized a litter awareness day where the children learned about the importance of hygiene, sustainability and litter. As a group we encouraged the children to become Active Global Citizens and together we collected litter from the village. The following day in class we made art using the litter we had gathered.


Easter Sunday gave us a great excuse to do something fun with the children. We prepared some paper eggs and hid them in the area surrounding the school for an Easter egg hunt! We briefly explained about Easter and how it is celebrated in the UK and then set them off on their hunt. Each child was rewarded with a paper egg and some chocolate to take home. They had a great time and it gave the UK volunteers a chance to show some of their culture to the locals.

Overall our activities in the school have been a great success and the entire team are excited for what is to come in our next phase!

Written by UK Team Leader Katie Murray

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