“My community and I are so happy that Raleigh are building hand-washing stations. It will make my life easier”

3rd December 2018

Mojkumari Joshi lives in Sanobadhera, a small village in the Gorkha area, where she has lived all of her life. The availability of water in this region is scarce, especially during the dry season where many water sources dry up. Each community in Gorkha owns its own water source, so when one does not produce enough water, the village are forced to look elsewhere, sometimes having to heavily ration their own supplies or even pay for water.

Raleigh have been working on a WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) project in this community for two months, building a storage tank to act as a backup supply of water, as well as a central handwashing station to reduce the distance community members need to walk to access water.

Volunteer manager Sylvie Myers spoke to Mojkumari about what life is like in her village.

[photo: Sylvie Myers in Sanobadhera earlier this month]

I have three sons, one daughter and three grandchildren. My sons are all in Kathmandu and I live alone and I don’t have a husband, and many people have tried to suppress me and my family in the past. My voice is not listened to in society.

“To me, it is very important that the youth co-operate with each other and us, for the welfare and development of the community. But the youth here don’t do this, they never help us, even if we ask them. They stop talking and walk away if we ask them. The Raleigh venturers are now setting an example for the local children here – I have found that they are communicative and helpful, and it has made me happy that they are living in my community. Though they don’t speak that much of my language, they use some words, and call me “amma” [mother], which makes me glad that they are here.

[photo: Raleigh volunteers building a hand-washing station in Sanobadhera]

“There is not enough water in our community, so we need to work in order to be able to pay for water. We pay a lot of money and still don’t get enough water. My community and I are so happy that Raleigh are building hand-washing stations and helping us with our water supply. It will make my life easier.

“In the future, I want to earn more money to be able to afford to see my sons, who live in Kathmandu. I hope that they earn money, and have their own land, and stay happy. Life is a bit easier for me now that there has been more development in the area, mainly the water and road accessibility. Before this, we had to go to Benigat [a two hour drive away] but because Raleigh have helped us, we don’t need to go as far for our water supply. I hope that in the future we an have a water tap for each home, and other development projects in the community. Life is a bit easier, and I am happy.”

Raleigh Expedition are currently working on four WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) projects in Gorkha, Nepal. You can read more about this here:(https://raleighnepal.org/blog/blog_post/continuing-raleighs-work-in-gorkha/)  and check back over the next few months for updates on the progress of these vital projects.

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