Raleigh from the host home perspective

13th April 2016

As part of our research we decided to ask two people in our community what they think about Raleigh and us volunteers. We asked a 15 year old boy named Bibek and his father, our village leader, who is known as Babu Dai.

Bibek wrote for us:

“Initially, Rahul and Aaron came and stayed in our village for 2 days for a pre-project visit before the other volunteers. It was great fun to show them around the village and I think they enjoyed it too. After they left, 12 other volunteers joined them and came to the community after 15 days. I was quite excited and glad to see so many brothers and sisters in our village at once. I was looking forward to have a good time. For the first few days, it was a little awkward as I didn’t know them, but gradually I got to know them and started interacting more. It is always a ton of fun to play and chat with them. I especially enjoyed celebrating Holi with them. I hope we will have even more great times and loads of fun in the coming days.”


Babu Dai wrote:

“Raleigh in itself is an able, effective and helpful organisation. The volunteers associated with the organisation are also very helpful. I think the organisation working in the area of WASH and livelihood training is very useful. I think that an organisation needs to be reliable and transparent which I believe they are.

All the volunteers here feel like family. They love to have a good time, try to learn from us and teach us what they know. The UK volunteers don’t mind us calling them by different Nepali names like Shanti, Chanamati, Musuri, Saila, Joker, Jantare; on the contrary, they like being called by their Nepali names and introduce themselves by them during community events. I would like to thank our Nepali volunteers Daari (Sukant), Chature Vivek, Ashish, Rahul, Samikshya and Sophia for helping us communicate with the UK volunteers.


I believe that the work they do here will be very effective and also hope that the upcoming volunteers are also fun loving and reliable. I would like to thank Raleigh November Charlie 3 for forming a youth group, conducting meetings and every other activity they have done for the welfare of the community.

I will always remember the festivals and birthdays we celebrated together. The love and memories they have given us is priceless. I wish they could stay with us forever. We will always remember them even after they are gone.”


These pieces were translated by Nepali Volunteer Vivek Adhikari but no information was altered in the translation.

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