Teamwork, partnership and collaboration for a better future in Nepal

9th July 2018

Namaste (नमस्ते). The volunteer training and induction programme has seen volunteers learn about Nepal, how they will work with communities to deliver Raleigh's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects and, importantly, how to stay safe and healthy. The volunteers are now being formed into teams and finding out which communities they will being living and working alongside when delivering their WASH projects.

The WASH communities are located in the rural municipality of Gandaki (गण्डकी), where the 2015 earthquakes damaged many of the water supply systems and public infrastructure, resulting in widespread and difficult conditions for public health and socio-economic development.

Nepal’s sector wide approach to health, education, and water and sanitation has achieved significant progress and more people than ever before are aware of the importance of good hygiene, allowing them to stay safe and healthy. However, one in ten people still lack access to clean water, and over half the population does not have access to a decent toilet. The climate and terrain in Nepal add to this challenge, with heavy rainfall during monsoon season.

Our volunteers will need to demonstrate creativity, teamwork, resilience and adaptability as they depart for their new homes in community. The new groups will participate in team building and leadership development activities, skills which will be essential not only to the success of our WASH programme, but also for the complexities of living and working in a culturally distinctive environment.

Let’s meet the teams who will be working together with our development project partners and the Ghyamuntar, Raithowk and Ranisuwara communities.

The Ghyamuntar Team

From left to right. Back row: Daniel, Samip, Frederick, Joshua, Antione, Tessa, Maddy & Rhona. Front row: Neha, Annika, Shreejana, Kirsten & Natalie.


The Raithowk Team

From left to right. Back row: Ujol, Anil, Barkha, Aaron, Louis, Tadas, Jacob & Kathryn. Front row: Sara, Nicole, James, Prakash, Emma & Rose


The Ranisuwara Team

From left to right. Back row: Rabina, Kiran, Sujan, Ezekiel, Katherine, She’Vaughn, Jared & Emma. Front row: Santosh, Hector, Kim, Ram & Sorcha. 


Blog post by Communications Officer, Susie Hill and Photography by Rachael Sture. For more information and the latest updates, follow the progress of our programmes in Nepal on Facebook and Instagram. To find out how you can volunteer please click here



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