Meet our Spring 2019 ICS WASH teams from Makwanpur

14th February 2019

Our Spring 2019 volunteers are deployed to their respective communities. They will be working their best in partnership with our project partners to create that lasting change for a sustainable goal, which Raleigh aims for. Here is a glimpse of our volunteers and Team Leaders who will be working on ICS WASH projects (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in the region of Makwanpur this spring cycle.

Team Ghumaune

Team Ghumaune consists of Team Leaders Jack and Bidhya with volunteers Jordan, Kelsey, Angel, Logan, Amelia, Dipak, Neekita, Rajina, Jeena and Sisir.

Ghumaune is a small cluster of indigenous Tamang community. Community people here mostly rely on agriculture and daily labor wages for their livelihood. Our volunteers and team leaders will be working on building a water scheme which serves adequate safe water to all community people along with sanitation facilities and hygiene awareness activities in the community.

Team Kisedi

Spandan and Rose are the team leaders of Team Kisedi of volunteers Alesia, Teresa, Sam, Oliver, Manju, Megan, Destiny,  Semhal, Swapnita, Sneha, Kalpana, Sanjeev and Johannes.

Kisedi lies in ward no. 1 of Bhimphedi Municipality, Makwanpur district. It is also an indigenous Tamang community having agriculture as a main occupation. Raleigh has already worked in improving Livelihood of this community during previous ICS Livelihood 2018 cycle. Seeing the need of WASH in the community, now, the Kisedi team will be working with Youth and community people on different WASH related activities.

Team Rato Dada

Nicole and Sameera are the Team Leaders of Rato dada, another small indigenous Tamang community. Rato Dada has the volunteers Sona, Abigail, Roshani, Sanjog, Archie, Mohon, Ellis, Hector, Michael, Sophie and Sudhir.

The community is from ward no. 10 of Kailash rural municipality having agriculture as their main occupation. The community women spent significant time in fetching water during dry season. In this spring cycle, our volunteers will be working on improving the infrastructure and conduct different awareness sessions, training and infrastructures with support of project partner.

Team Marangkot

Marangkot has Anupama, Stephen as our Team leaders who will work closely with volunteers- Bethany, Noe, Subas, Joshua, Muna, Mohini, Asha, Molly, Luke, Jitske and Hanif.

Marangkot is also an indigenous Tamang community from ward no. 10 of Kailash rural municipality. Though the community has water source which can serve them all year long, they don’t have proper infrastructure of water supply. Team Marangkot will be working with support from our project partner to organize different awareness raising sessions, training and infrastructures to facilitate their access to water.

Team Bhaisechaur

Team Bhaisechaur has Megan, Srijana and Hannah as Team leaders and Charlie, Charlotte, Jordan, Samuel, Arun, Hreeshav, Shushupana, Aisha, Lindsay, Kate, Niclyashya and Manasa who will volunteer in WASH.

Bhaisechaur is a mixed community of Tamang, Chhetri and Brahmin from ward no. 9 of Bhimphedi rural municipality, Makwanpur. Raleigh has already worked in improving livelihood of Bhaisechaur in previous ICS Livelihood 2018 cycle. Team Bhaiseichaur will now be working in building new water scheme which serves adequate safe water to all needy community people along with conducting awareness raising activities in sanitation facilities and hygiene for the community.

The Deputy Operations Managers (WASH)

Lauren and Melina are working together to support the Team Leaders and facilitate their experience in the community. They will closely be working with the Team Leaders, helping them to train and support them as they empower rural communities and their volunteers to create a long lasting change.

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images and post by Suman

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