Upcoming ICS WASH Projects and Communities in Nepal

12th July 2019

Our Summer 2019 ICS WASH volunteers are currently deployed to their respective four communities of Makwanpur. They will be working their best in partnership with our project partner WOCHEND. 54 volunteers (28 UK volunteers and 26 In-country Volunteers) including 8 Team Leaders (5 Nepalese 3 UK ) have joined this cycle to create that lasting change for a sustainable goal, which Raleigh aims for.

Here is a glimpse of our volunteers and Team Leaders who will be working on ICS WASH projects (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in the region of Makwanpur this summer cycle.

Team Khadi Kharka

Khadi Kharka lies in ward no. 9 of Bhimphedi Municipality, Makwanpur district. It is a small cluster of 13 House Holds with Tamang, brahmin and Chhetri community having agriculture as a main occupation. It is almost 30 km away from hetauda bajar. At Khadi Kharka / Deurali Dada Community people don’t have proper infrastructure for supply of water. They have been using water from two sources which are almost 1 km uphill through plastic pipes. The community does not have any proper built structure such as intake, reservoir storage tanks and tap stand. Proper structure like intake, reservoir tank and tap stands are needed in the community. Also, some of houses don’t have toilet and community people need awareness and knowledge on sanitation and hygiene. New water scheme which serves adequate safe water to all community people is needed along with sanitation facilities and hygiene awareness activities in the community.

Team Khadi Kharka has Benjamin and Ashmita as Team Leaders along with Ranjana, Niamh, James, Suraj, Sita, Lucy, Aayusha, Sabin, Alexandra, Joshua, Robyn, Aashish, Joao, Rajesh, Bikash and Jacob as volunteers.


Team Kapseri

Kapseri has 22 households of indigenous Tamang ethnicity located on ward no. 1 of Bhimphedi municipality. Community people here mostly rely on agriculture and daily labor wages for their livelihood. The drinking water which they are using now is not enough for all the year around. Also, the intake has been damaged by landslide and there is no reservoir tank in the community people. So, community people face water shortage often and mostly during dry season as there are only 6 tap stands in the community. People lack awareness on sanitation and hygiene. Raleigh volunteers along with Project Partner will be building proper structures like intake, reservoir tank, tap stands which are needed in the community and can serve adequate safe water to all community people along with sanitation facilities and hygiene awareness activities.

Team Kapseri has Amanda and Samundra as Team Leaders and Mei, Upashana, Sagar, Priyanka, Rikita, Dhawa, Sudip, Ayla, Shirazee, Patrick and Otis and Volunteers.

Team Salghari

Salghari is an indigenous Tamang community with 25 HHs from ward no. 1 of Bhimphedi rural municipality.  This community also has agriculture as their main occupation. The water scheme has an old water scheme built about 20 years ago, pipelines has been damaged at most of the places, intake structure, reservoir tank needs repair and maintenance. Also, construction of new tap stand is needed. Community seems quite unhygienic and few houses lacks toilets as well. There is need of sanitation and hygiene awareness in the community. Raleigh volunteers will be working on proper rehabilitation of water scheme that will serve adequate safe water to all community people. They will also work on sanitation facilities and hygiene awareness activities to the community members.

Team Salghari has Federico and Ashok as Team Leaders and Leah, Alice, Zison, Murtaza, Melissa, Kripa, Parjola, Aashma, Finlay, Timothy, Sagar, Niskar, Charlotte, Esther as volunteers.

Team Sanutar 

Sanutar is a mixed community of Brahmin, Magar, Tamang and Chhetri as major ethnicity. It lies in ward no. 1 of Bhimphedi rural municipality and the community people have agriculture and daily labor wages as their main occupation. Community people are relying on unmanaged water supply through pipelines which are prone to damages. At present the water demand of the community is fulfilled by water from nearby tube-well boring. Our volunteers along with project partner, WOCHEN, will be working on building a stable water supply structure and increasing knowledge and awareness of community members on WASH and awareness which could result in positive behavioral changes in them.

Team Sunatar has Tulasha and Nista as Team leaders and Satish, Emily, Misha, Nira, Jeniffer, Emily, Taranjit, Anupama, Pratik, Mary, Joseph, Jordan and Jigyasha  as volunteers.
Team Leaders with Deputy Operations Managers

Deputy Operations Managers (DoMs)

Melina and Jesse will be supporting our ICS WASH Team Leaders, helping them to train and support them as they empower rural communities and their volunteers to create a long lasting change.

Melina and Jesse

For more information and the latest updates, please follow the progress of our programmes in Nepal on Facebook and Instagram.

Images and post by Suman

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