Why has there never been a better time to volunteer in Nepal?

25th November 2015

We can think of 100 reasons why there has never been a better time to volunteer in Nepal. But we know you don’t have time to read all 100. So we thought we would share three motivations why the beginning of 2016 is the time to make full use of your passion and energy as a volunteer!

1. Nepal is on the road to recovery, but it needs your support

The young people of Nepal have come together during some of the toughest months of their country’s history following the earthquakes that rocked the country in April and May this year. As a volunteer, you could stand side by side with them, and join forces to drive change in their country.

We now need volunteers to help rebuild communities hit by the earthquake. Nepal has started a reconstruction plan for the country’s worst affected areas. This includes rebuilding homes, schools, roads, water systems and infrastructure, while supporting people in getting their lives back to normal through entrepreneurship.


85% of people in the communities of Gorkha and Makwanpur were left with damaged homes. You can help them to build back better. Work with them to make their homes a healthy clean place to live by making sure people have clean water to drink and toilets to use. You could also help to develop the confidence, teamwork and leadership skills of Nepali and international volunteers on an adventurous trek as part of a Raleigh expedition.

2. Spring is Nepal’s most beautiful season

Spring is arguably when Nepal is at its most breath-taking. Between February and May, the climate in central Nepal (where you could work on sustainable projects) is mild and warm. The temperature ranges between 16 and 23 degrees. The climate is refreshingly cool in higher altitudes, where you could carry out a trek as part of an expedition.

This time of year is also when Nepal is in bloom; the national flower, Lali Guras (also known as the Rhododendron) covers the landscape in a variety of colours. During spring, the environment in general is more lush and green than other times of the year.


3. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Raleigh’s first ever volunteer teams in Nepal

That’s right – you’ll be a pioneer. In February 2016 you could join Raleigh’s first ever expeditions in this incredible country. Raleigh is one of a very small number of volunteer organisations who have a general agreement signed with the Nepali government. That means we’re officially registered to work in the country and have the government’s support. Every community that we work alongside has requested the presence of volunteers and outlined where they need your support. The reconstruction work will take time and young people need to be at the heart of this process to create a stronger more resilient Nepal. You could be one of the first to kick start this process.


Want to be part of the first ever Raleigh expedition in Nepal? Applications are open now.

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