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Dumrekuna: My Second Home

5th September 2017

Being a social work student, I had visited many rural areas. However, I have never seen a place more beautiful than Dumrekuna. The village is amazing and so are the villagers. When we arrived in the village the people welcomed us with their hearts and made us an integral part of their families

A group photo with the children

In this community, there is a diversity of people who have their own culture, religions, castes and ethnic groups who are strongly connected and they stay happily with one another. They are always together and there for each other through the good and the bad times. Every person of the village has played an effective role in protecting their traditional habits and culture which has motivated every one of us. Their way of talking, their good habits, their culture and their hard work have been a few of the things that have fascinated us all.

During first aid training with our Medic Ayesha

They have taught us to be happy in small things and they are extremely happy and grateful attitude towards whatever they have and do. So much so that they can happily spend rest of their lives with what they have at the present moment. The villagers have made us realize that there are many perks of living in a rural are.

inbetween planting saplings

Not only have they made us a part of their families, “Dumrekuna, and the people of Dumrekuna” have become our second home. And finally, I want to thank ICS for providing the opportunity to be a part of the experience and for sending us to such an amazing place, because we’ve found out and relished in the joys of living the village life.


Written By Anushree

November Charlie 6

Dumerkuna, Makwanpur

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