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Learning about Nepali delicacies in Koudi

6th September 2017

‘What’s the food like? Are you eating enough?!” my parents ask me in panic. It’s my first phone call home since I arrived in Nepal and the conversation is mainly focused on the contents of my stomach. I chuckle to myself at my parents’ questions as I recall the daily routine of my host family forcing more rice and vegetables onto my plate despite me insisting that I am, in fact, ‘pugyo’. ‘Yes, mum I’m eating enough, and the food is great, thank you!’

I love food. I love buying it, cooking it, and eating it. I love trying new culinary delights from the far corners of the world in my little kitchen. I love splashing my overdraft on a fancy restaurant or a much needed 2 a.m. Domino’s. It is therefore not surprising that before my departure my mind frequently wondered to exactly what I’ll be eating while living in rural Nepal.

Some Daal-bhaat

I’m convinced my Aama (host mum) is a secret superhero, hiding the power of immense flavor somewhere in her little kitchen. I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy eating the same combination of rice and lentils twice a day, every day, and still look forward to meal times as much as I do. Different combinations of spices, vegetable and other additions such as soybeans (a personal favorite) or eggs, along with a little bit of Aama’s magic, transform ever meal into a taste sensation. I never realized the variety of daals that you can get, I give them a daily rating which rarely goes below 8.

The team busy making some momos

Aside from daal bhat, other Nepali delicacies have also ignited my taste buds. My team hosted a BBQ for us and our host families to say thank you. I was introduced to puris, rotis and pakoudas: deep fried balls of chickpea flour with onions, chillis, garlic, cabbage and spices (which in my humble opinion completely stole the show). Another day we took on the monumental challenge of making enough momos (dumplings) to feed 15 people. Five hours later we were eating delightful dumplings filled to the brim with chicken and vegetables.

Pakodas anyone?
My first momo

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to my favourite comfort foods: a crusty baguette with butter, some smoked salmon or a big plate of spaghetti Bolognese; but, for now, I’m perfectly happy being overfed my Nepali delicacies.

Written By Karo

November Charlie 4

Koudi, Gorkha

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