New teams, new projects: Meet our latest volunteers

12th February 2018

Over the next 10 weeks, a new group of young volunteers will be making a difference in rural communities in Gorkha. Together with communities, our amazing young volunteers will be doing valuable work to improve water, sanitation and hygiene in communities that need support. Meet our teams of inspiring volunteers and find out more about their projects.

Since arriving in Nepal, our latest group of Raleigh volunteers have been training for the projects ahead and learning more about the communities that they’ll be working in. They will work together as teams to assess the need of their communities and ensure that their projects work for everyone. These are our teams for the the first phase of our current water and sanitation projects:

Team Rampur

(Top row, left to right) Rebecca, Theodora, Pratima, Hattie, Anna, Alexi, Isabelle, Sally (Bottom row, left to right) Sujan, Gautam, Wisse, Ewan, Maisie

In Rampur our volunteers will be led by Sally, Gautam and Rebecca. As the biggest community that volunteers will work with on this Expedition, our volunteers in Rampur will be doing lots of positive work. They will be building new public tap stands, handwashing stations and toilets, as well as doing some vital work to ensure that the community water source stays safe from damage and contamination.

Team Sayamurey

(Top row, left to right) Jenni, Avash, Dominic, Molly, Kimberly, Isabella, Sam (Bottom row, left to right) Dammar, Bikash, Tom, Sietske, Ines

Our volunteers in Sayamurey will be led by Volunteer Managers Dammar, Jenni and Sam. As a mountain community with almost 40 households, our volunteers in Sayamurey will be ensuring that there is a sustainable water supply that works for everyone. They will be supporting with the reconstruction of a new water tank which will serve households in the community, and will help to build a number of new handwashing stations, public tap stands and toilets which will promote improved sanitation and hygiene.

Team Benitar

(Left to right) Molly, Jessie, Catriona, Lola, Simon, Sam, Tamsin, Santosh, Olivia, Prem, Ujwal, Rogier

Our volunteers in Benitar will led by Volunteer Managers Prem, Simon and Tamsin. In Benitar, the community have recently had issues with their water supply after recent road works damaged their main water pipe. Our team in Benitar will help to mend the water pipe, as well as building a number of new water taps, toilets and handwashing stations for households in the community.

Team Shree Krishna Tole

(Top row, left to right) Hannah, Florentine, Otto, Joe, Sukuman, Hursley, Hari (Bottom row, left to right) Maddy, Zoe, Laura, Rijan

Our volunteers In Shree Krishna Tole will be led by Volunteer Managers Joe and Rijan. Our team of volunteers will help to reconstruct a water tank which can hold 8000 litres for the community after their previous water tank was damaged. Alongside this, volunteers will also build four new public tap stands and will help to maintain the water source that serves Shree Krishna Tole.  They’ll also be researching the community need for handwashing stations and will adapt their projects to best support the community.

Our Expedition volunteers will be making a difference in these project teams for the next three weeks. You can follow updates from the teams on Raleigh Nepal’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on the weekly Raleigh Nepal Expedition blog.

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